Fall in Love 
with your Period in 5 steps 

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  ✅The exact 5 areas you absolutely need to focus on if you
want to fall in love with your period  

              ✅Which are the four phases of your menstrual cycle
and what is actually going on in you body during
 your menstrual cycle  

✅Why paying attention to your menstrual cycle is the number 1
health priority you should be focusing on as a woman

✅How to start living with in sync with your natural rhythm,
and look forward to your period days  and more :)


Hey Beautiful,  

we are Inese and Sara, founders of Back to Balance Academy, where we empower women all around the world to be in rhythm with their menstrual cycle with confidence, celebration and connection with themselves.

After struggling with our menstrual cycle for years we have come a long way to fully surrendering into our natural flow, and now we want to make it easier for women to shorten this process.
We really believe in the power and importance of this work and that is also why we are here today, sharing this with you!  

 Inese Zute
 Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Intuitive Alchemy Coach
Sara Jager  
Holistic Health Coach, Womb Healing Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Embodiment Mentor  

We can't wait to see you Fall in Love with your Period!

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🔱⚜️From Pain to Power with Cycle Alchemy

Inese and Sara xx